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Stuffing Recipe!

I found the stuffing recipe I want to try for Thanksgiving. I hope to test it out tomorrow evening, so there may be some taste-testing during book club Saturday.

Sausage, Apricot, and Sage Stuffing
Sweet turkey Italian sausage
Chopped onion
Chopped celery
Chopped dried apricots
Chopped fresh parsley
Chopped fresh sage
Stuffing mix
Turkey stock
**add mushrooms

Potato and Corn Chowder?

I’m going to make corn and potato chowder tonight. This is a new variety of soup that I have never before made. I’m excited!! And it’s really pretty cheap….
Here is the ingredients list from the recipe I pulled:
Green bell pepper
Green onions
Frozen corn kernels
Dried thyme
Ground red pepper
Baking potatoes
Grated sharp cheddar

Here is how I plan to modify it:
Red and orange bell pepper
Frozen corn kernels
Thyme, pepper, salt
Baby red potatoes
Vegetable broth
Full bottle darker beer
Hot sauce
Grated sharp cheddar

I want to hear what others are trying, tweaking, and perfecting this season!

cooking fiasco

so saturday i decided to roast a chicken, complete with stuffing. as vegetables around the bird, i used a sweet potato, mushrooms, and an onion. i made a sausage and mushroom stuffing.
now, i used a bag of stuffing mix from the store -- essentially dried cubes of white and wheat bread, with some seasonings. bad, bad idea. it was a leftover bag from amy and i. only after cooking the chicken two hours and taking my first bite did i remember why this bag was never used up; it tasted like ass. and i know it was the bread cubes because it was the same taste of ass from when we had used them before -- two completely different stuffing recipes, same essence of ass. it was horrible. so we threw away all the stuffing. chet had a couple bite of chicken, and a couple mushroom slices. guess what: while he cooks with yams a lot, he doesn't like them unless they're accompanied by some other root vegetable. totally felt like a failure with this meal. it was lovely. however, it gets better.
we get home from the closing night party, and chet makes himself a sandwich with some of the chicken. hooray! he leaves the pan of chicken carcass on the counter in case i want any of the meat left on it. i don't. so i pick up the pan, turn toward the refrigerator, and proceed to throw the entire damn chicken on the kitchen floor. 5 second rule. i picked it up, put it back in the foil pan, and shoved it into the fridge. tonight i'm using it for chicken stock. after the trouble i've encountered with this stupid bird, i am NOT throwing it in the garbage. but maybe i'll rinse it first.

My Brunch Contribution

Ok, so I've found what I would like to fix for the next book club meeting. It is a Tomato Basil Tart, with spinach, mushrooms, and garlic. and cheese, of course :)

My Weekend Plan

I'm going to make a roast, I think. Granted, with the show the timing might be funny, but I want to make a roast. I found a recipe that sounds awfully yummy....

I'm going to throw in turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms.... I don't know what else. But I thought, Tis the Season! It's yummy comfort food time!!!

Snapper Recipe

Snapper is one of the less expensive fish here. You could also use tilapia in this recipe, which is even less expensive. I tried this recipe a couple months ago and fell in love with it.
As a complimentary side dish....
slice up orange, yellow, red peppers
chop up a leek
throw in a saucepan with a Tbs olive oil, Tbs soy
saute til it looks right

MY French Onion Soup


We now have a forum to share recipes, ideas, suggesitons, etc. I will soon post a couple recipes I've had luck with. Don't be shy, post away. Feel free to post anything related to food, cooking, and eating in this community.


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